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A petri dish is a laboratory dish used for microbial or cell culture. It consists of a flat, disc-shaped bottom and a lid. It is usually made of glass or plastic. Petri dish materials are basically divided into two categories, mainly plastic and glass, glass can be used for plant materials, microbial culture and animal cell adherent culture may also be used. Plastic may be polyethylene material, disposable and multiple use, suitable for laboratory inoculation, marking, bacterial separation operations, can be used for plant material culture.For free samples please feel freely to contact us.

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● Features of Cell Culture Dish

· Cell culture dish is an ideal material for cell culture. There is no optical distortion under the microscope. The digital index at the bottom of each piece is convenient for users to determine the location of cells.

· No pyrogen, no endotoxin.

· High transparent medical grade polystyrene material.

· EB sterilization.

· Stacking design makes stacking and storage easier.

· The cell adhesion was excellent after vacuum plasma surface treatment.

· The flat and transparent surface makes the cells no optical distortion under the microscope.

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cell culture dishes


100 mm cell culture dish

10 / bag
30 bags / case




60mm cell culture dish

20 / bag
25 bags / case




35mm cell culture dish

10 / bag
50 bags / case



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