Resident Evil has a legendary history of hiding interesting and destructible collectibles in its games. In Resident Evil 5 and 6, we have obvious blue signs. In Resident Evil 7, we have weird football head dolls. Now in Resident Evil Village, we have small wooden goats. If you are trying to track all 20 of these unreal characters, here is the location of every guarding goat in Resident Evil Village.
The position of the first watch goat is hard to miss. You will find a wooden man proudly displayed on a small wooden altar in the village cemetery. Listen carefully for the wooden click they make. This will make it easier to find other people.
In the vineyard outside the city wall, there is a watch goat hiding in the snow. Look for the human scarecrow in the back right corner to find this.
Soon after visiting the cemetery for the first time, you will go to a small church. Inside you will notice the unique click, but it is nowhere to be found. Go out and look for the watch goat on the roof.
On the left corner of the Fallow Plot, opposite the tall grass and the terrible werewolf, you will find a guard goat parked on a stone wall with shingles. Just hug the left edge of the area and you should be able to find it.
On your way to the castle winery, after climbing down the ladder from the bathing hall and looking back, you will find a guard goat hidden beside the candle in the corner.
In a rear corner of the attic of the castle, you will find a watch goat on a small stack of crates next to some books.
After leaving the castle, you will meet Duke along the Lonely Road. On one side will be a small stone building. There is a guardian goat hidden in the darkness on the floor.
After returning to the village from the castle, pick up the iron badge key you obtained and unlock the tomb behind the church. In the snow behind one of the large tombs, you will find a guardian goat.
As you walk through some houses in the West Old Town, you will find a watch goat on the small tiled roof behind one of the larger houses.
Before entering House Beneviento, turn left on the porch and follow a path along the cliff near the waterfall. You will see a guard goat on the other side of the metal fence.
After leaving House Beneviento, you will cross a rickety suspension bridge again. If you look to the right, you will see another bridge that is mostly broken, with a guardian goat parked on it.
When dealing with Morrow, you will come to a water area with a series of windmills. In the first of these windmills you encounter, hidden behind some chopped wood is a guardian goat.
When Morrow chases you around a building submerged in water, you will eventually encounter a switch covered in green mud and worms. From this switch, look to the left and you will see a guard goat on top of a wooden pole.
After the water in the reservoir is drained, you will find an optional path from the exit of the area, which will take you down to some fish and some guard goats on top of the water trash.
Before encountering Heisenberg, you will notice an optional path from the village to the left that will lead you to the Otto Mill. Inside is a terrible enemy, but under the structure of this wooden altar is a guardian goat.
In a fortress full of werewolves, when you climb the central spiral staircase, you will find a guard goat beside several metal barrels.
When you go to the higher levels of the factory, you will eventually come to Grider Shaft. Hidden in the metal spoon above your head is a guardian goat. You might want a sniper rifle to make this gun.
Before entering the cargo hold of the factory, find a small metal grille against the wall. Go through this crawl space and find a guard goat on the top of the steel bucket.
After meeting Chris in the basement of the factory and jumping into the temporary water tank, tilt the elevator to the ground. When you walk up, please keep your eyes open to guard the goat. You need to shoot it with the tank’s machine gun.
When playing as Chris and struggling to move forward in the village, you will eventually come to the Macrobacteria. On its right is an area with some spikes and statues. The last guarding goat will be at the bottom of this statue.
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any problem? Make a sound in the comments below. Resident Evil Village is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Stadia and PC.
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