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100% Polyester lightweight mesh fabric for bags and pockets


Our item number FTT19021 is a lightweight mesh fabric.It is knitted with 100% polyester and its weight is only 25gsm. It has hexagon holes.

Mesh fabric is a kind of warp knit fabrics. It is characterized by its net-like open appearance. The mesh fabric is mainly made from polyester or nylon. And polyester yarn is one of the most commonly used fibers in the manufacture of knit mesh fabric. It’s known polyester yarn is a strong fiber that naturally repels water, resists staining, ultraviolet degradation and is durable.

Due to its net-like open structure, most of mesh fabric is breathable and see through. Polyester mesh fabrics have a variety of applications including industrial, occupational safety, recreational, aeronautical, automotive, medical and more.

Our lightweight mesh fabric weights from 20gsm to 70gsm. They could be soft and crispy. They will work well when you sew them for bags, see through pockets and more.

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100% Polyester lightweight mesh fabric for bags and pockets

Item No.



Width (+3%-2%)

Weight (+/-5%)


Lightweight Mesh Fabric




Technical Features

 Lightweight, Breathable, Durable.

W Choose Us?


adopts high quality fibers to ensure the performance and quality of our lightweight mesh fabrics exceed international industry standards.

Strict quality control to ensure that the mesh fabric utilization rate is greater than 95%.


Strong design and technical team with years of experience in high-end fabric, design, production, and marketing.

launches a new series of lightweight mesh fabrics monthly.


aims to continue to create maximum value for customers. We not only supply our lightweight mesh fabrics to our customers, but also provide excellent service and solution.


With 16 years’ experience for lightweight mesh fabrics, has professionally served 40 countries clients worldwide.


Factory direct selling price, no distributor earns the price difference.

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