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of Chinese Stone Machinery


PVC Core

The products are the main material for making various plastic cards.

PVC+ABS Core For Sim Card

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) are two widely used thermoplastic materials, each with unique characteristics, that are employed in a variety of applications. When combined, they form a high-performance material suitable for manufacturing mobile phone SIM cards..


Mainly used for all kinds of card surface lamination, can be used for printing and surface protection

Creatine Gummy

Variations Available Creatine monohydrate 80 mesh Creatine monohydrate 200 mesh Di-Creatine malate Creatine citrate Creatine anhydrous Ingredient Features May help improve brain performance and functions May help support healthy heart functions May help reduce fatigue...

ACV-Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy

May help support a healthy immune system May help regulate pH in the body May act as a natural appetite suppressant May help reduce inflammation and relieve arthritis May help with healthy skin May aid weight loss May help temper blood sugar spikes May make varicose veins less no...

Vegan Multivitamin supplements

Variations Available We can do any formula, Just Ask! Ingredient Features  May increase energy levels May help improve mood, support for occasional stress May help lower stress and anxiety May support cognitive functions May help maintain muscle stre...


Variations Available  Stevia Rebaudioside A 97% Stevia Rebaudioside A 98% Stevia Rebaudiana 90% P.E Stevia Extract 90% SG Stevia Rebaudioside A 40% Stevia Rebaudioside A 55% Ingredient Features  May help with weight control May help improve bone health May help improve overall oral health Help he...

Antioxidant Anti-Inflammatory Elderberry Extract

Variations Available We can do any formula, Just Ask! Ingredient Features May help with respiratory conditionsMay help strengthen immune systemMay support healthy heart functionsMay help support weight controlMay help neutralize free radicals


Variations Available  L-Glutamine USP Grade Ingredient Features  May help promote muscle growth May help promote muscle recovery and reduction in soreness May help heal ulcers and leaky gut May help with memory, focus, and concentration. May help imp...