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Air conditioner

Air to water Heat pump Energy ventilation system with bypass

This Energy Recovery Ventilator is a ERV which can connect Heat Pump.If you use water heat pump,you can use our water coil ERV to recover the waste heat from the exhaust air in residential building and the use of this heat for fresh air heating.

Energy Recovery Ventilator System with cooling and heatingERV

When there are more and more passive house buildings in Europe. How to ensure the comfort of the house with lower consumption, I think,ERV with cooling and heating can give you an answer.

Bypass Heat Recovery ventilation system with intelligent controller

• Heat Recovery Ventilation • Intelligent Controller   • EC motor • Primary + H12 Filter+Medium efficiency filter(optional) • Fresh Air Purification • By-pass Function   • Ceiling-mounted Installation  • Internal Sensors

Smart DC motor Wall Mounted Ductless Energy Recovery Ventilator

For the ventilation and purification needs of small hotels and single rooms, this wall-mounted ERV is definitely a good choice.Small size and cheap price are its advantages. Many companies use it in engineering, because it can create more profit.