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Anti-Bacterial Copper Nylon Yarn


Copper Ions Antibacterial Nylon Yarn JIAYI HS CODE: 5402311100 Nylon&Copper Functional Nylon Yarn Fujian, China (Mainland)

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What is copper antibacterial nylon?

Copper and its alloys (brasses, bronzes, cupronickel, copper-nickel-zinc, and others) are natural antimicrobial materials. The mechanism by which copper ions kill bacteria is a complex by nature, but the effect is simple. Science suggests that copper surfaces affect bacteria in two sequential steps: the first step is a direct interaction between the surface and the bacterial outer membrane, causing the membrane to rupture. The second is related to the holes in the outer membrane, through which the cell loses vital nutrients and water, causing a general weakening of the cell.

Through independent research and development, our company successfully manufactured the non-soluble type copper ions anti-bacterial nylon yarn, which is totally different from the traditional processing technic by soaking the finished yarn into the antibacterial liquid to obtain the antibacterial effect. JIAYI’s copper ions anti-bacterial nylon yarn is made from adding the melting functional copper master batch into the melting PA6 chips at the beginning of the spinning. It perfectly combined copper ions excellent antibacterial function with nylon stretch yarn’s good textile performance.


1. Antibacterial effect:
Candida albicans Resistance: 99.99%
Escherichia coli Resistance: 99.99%
Staphylococcus aureus Resistance: 99%
2. Anti-acarus: (Mite-dispelling rate): 91%.
3. Anti-UV: 50+.
4. Excellent and long-lasting antibacterial effect: >80 times washing.
5. Textile contained copper ions will not cause an allergic reaction.
6. It can promote skin metabolism, make skin smoother after a period of contact.
7. Odor-free.


JIAYI’s copper ions antibacterial nylon yarn has a high and wide application value in making functional antibacterial textile, functional medical dressings, and other fields required anti-microbio; all kinds of close-fitting underwear, socks, home textile fabric, such as sheet bedding bag, pillowcase and etc. outdoor clothing medical fabric.


Specification Color Ppm MOQ
30D/12f Raw color/Dope dyed Black/Others 4000/5000/As requirement 1 ton
40D/12f Raw color/Dope dyed Black/Others 4000/5000/As requirement 1 ton
50D/24f Raw color/Dope dyed Black/Others 4000/5000/As requirement 1 ton
70D/24f Raw color/Dope dyed Black/Others 4000/5000/As requirement In-stock item
70D/48f Raw color/Dope dyed Black/Others 4000/5000/As requirement In-stock item

Packing Details

Container Size Packing Method Quantity(ctns) N.W./ctn(kgs) N.W./container(kgs)
20”GP carton packing 301 26.4 7946.4
40”HQ carton packing 720 26.4 19008

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