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Kss90 Series Motor Soft Starter

Introduction: The KSS90 series motor soft starter is a highly reliable and efficient device designed to optimize the starting and stopping operations of electric motors. It is specifically developed for industrial applications and built to withstand rugged environments, making it ideal for var...

KSSHV High Voltage 10KV 6KV solid stage soft starter

Introduction: KSSHV High voltage solid stage soft start devices include KSSHV-6 standard 6kV solid state soft start device, KSSHV-10 standard 10kV solid state soft start device and KSSHV-E series all-in-one high voltage solid state soft start device.

KD100 Series Mini Vector Frequency Inverter

Introduction: KD100 series mini vector frequency inverter is our most popular VFD products with many wonderful features and high reliability. General application: water pump, ventilation fans, packing machine, label machine, conveyor belt etc;

Fieldbus Open loop Stepper Drive ECR Series

The EtherCAT fieldbus stepper drive is based on the CoE standard framework and complies with the CiA402 standard. The data transmission rate is up to 100Mb/s, and supports various network topologies. ECR42 matches open loop stepper motors below 42mm. ECR60 matches open loop stepper motors b...

Pulse Control 2 Phase Closed Loop Stepper Drive T60Plus

T60PLUS closed loop stepper drive, with encoder Z signal input and output functions. It integrates a miniUSB communication port for easy debugging of related parameters. T60PLUS matches closed loop stepper motors with Z signal below 60mm •  Pulse mode: PUL&DIR/CW&CCW •  Signal le...

5-phase Open Loop Stepper Motor Series

Compared with the ordinary two-phase stepper motor, the five-phase stepper motor has a smaller step angle. In the case of the same rotor structure,