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New Energy Electric Vehicles Electric Cars Chuanqi Mini Ev Car

"Electric cars that the elderly like to drive", the scientific name of "Mini EV Car Electric Vehicles", because of the advantages of no license, low price, no driver's license, parking convenience, etc., has captured countless hearts, especially the favor of the elderly group.

22 KW AC Charger

1.Provide floor-mounted and wall-mounted installation methods; 2.Adopt AC230V cross input; 3.The main control board adopts a single-chip microcomputer with an embedded operating system. The charging mode is divided into four types:automatic charging,charging time selection,charging amount sele...

Hongqi HQ9 2.0T Zhilian Qiyun nashri

Hongqi HQ92023 2.0T Qiyun Edition is a luxury sedan equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. It has a stylish appearance, luxurious and comfortable interior, and is equipped with rich technology and safety configurations.