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Exterior Wayfinding & Directional Signs


Wayfinding & Directional Signs are designed to efficiently manage traffic and guide people in various settings including public transportation, commercial and corporate environments.

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1) Public Transportation: wayfinding signs are engineered to manage vehicular traffic flow in parking lots, airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs.

2) Commercial: directional signs provide efficient navigation to customers at restaurants, malls, cinemas, and other commercial establishments.

3) Corporate: wayfinding system is designed to simplify workplace navigation for employees in large corporate buildings.

Wayfinding Sign with Your Location Map in Public Area

Exterior Wayfinding Sign for Enterprise Zone

Wayfinding Sign for Commercial Zone


1) Efficient Traffic Management: Wayfinding & Directional Signs designed to manage vehicular traffic and minimize congestion in parking lots and other transportation hubs, making it easier and faster to navigate.

2) Enhanced Customer Experience: directional signs simplify customer flow in commercial establishments, providing quick and easy navigation to drive more conversions, while also improving overall customer satisfaction.

3) Hassle-Free Workplace Navigation: wayfinding system eliminates the guesswork for employees, making it easier for them to navigate large office buildings with ease.


1) Durable Build: directional signs are built with high-quality materials to with stand harsh outdoor conditions and ensure long-lasting use.

2) Customizable Design: signs can be tailored to specific branding and aesthetic needs, ensuring they blend seamlessly into any environment.

3) Efficient Sign Placement: wayfinding signs are designed to be placed in strategic locations, minimizing clutter and ensuring maximum visibility.

Product parameters

Item Wayfinding & Directional Signs
Material 304/316 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Acrylic
Design Accept customization, various painting colors, shapes, sizes available. You can give us the design drawing.If not we can provide professional design service.
Size Customized
Finish Surface Customized
Light Source Waterproof Led Modules
Light Color White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, RGB, RGBW etc
Light Method Font/ Back Lighting
Voltage Input 100 – 240V (AC )
Installation Need to be fixed with Pre-built Parts
Application areas Public Area, Commercial, Business, Hotel, Shopping Mall, Gas Stations, Airports, etc.

In conclusion, Wayfinding & Directional Signs offer a comprehensive solution for efficient traffic and people flow across public transportation, commercial, and corporate settings. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with customizable design, signs are engineered with strategies to provide efficient navigation, enhance experiences and ensure hassle-free workplace navigation.

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