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Fire protection system

Sensing Cables

Features: ◇ Cable design life: more than 30 years ◇ Cable temperature range: -200℃ ~ +300℃ (depending on the fiber and cable material) ◇ Cable strain range: a 10,000µε← +1OOOOµε (depending on the fiber and cable material) ◇ Cable tensile strength: 10N-2400N (depends on cable structure...

Brillouin optical time domain analyzer DSTS Distributed fiber optic temperature strain sensor BOTDA1000

Functional characteristics · Industry-leading measuring distance up to 60km (loop 120km) · Rapid response, measurement time 60s · Measuring accuracy ±1℃ / 20µε · Accurately locate the event location with an error of less than 1m · High spatial resolution of 0.5 ~ 5m · Integrated multiple te...