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Washable double layer temperature-controlled heating blanket

Washable double layer temperature control heating blanket cover blanket, temperature control timing, 120V60HZ, power 100W, controller 10 digital display, timing 9 hours. Washable machine wash by hand. Blankets can be covered or draped. The hot wire uses the function of overheat and power off p...

PV lint Temperature controlled time heating cover blanket

Characteristic: Temperature control timing; 120V60HZ, power 100W, controller 10-speed digital display, timing 9 hours.Washable machine wash by hand; Blankets can be covered or draped Product code:YX01A-BL7284 Material: PV cotton wool + white lamb wool (care instructions: machine washable...

Flannel Electric Blanket Temperature Control Time Waterproof

Controller 120V60HZ Power 100W Controller 10 speed adjusting temperature digital tube display, timing 9 hours. Temperature adjustment, timing setting. The hot-wire adopts the function of over-heat and power failure protection. The hot-wire material includes the outer PVC collapsible waterproof la...

Heating pad Physiotherapy electric heating blanket

Heating pad Physical therapy electric heating blanket, human heating pad heating blanket. 120V power 60W, size 30* 40cm. High quality crystal super soft fabric, touch super soft, comfortable skin without hair.

USB plug-in heated flannel warm-up cover

USB plug-in heating flannel warm cover electric heating clothes temperature control heating warm clothes. USB plug-in, with a charging bank. Product voltage 5V, heating 5 pieces. 3 gear: high-grade red light 65℃, mid-range white light 55℃, low-range blue light 45℃.