Top 10

of Chinese Stone Machinery


CRT-G200L Passive Padlock

Battery-driven smart locks offer several benefits, including: Convenience, Remote access, Easy installation, Enhanced security, and Energy efficiency, and flexibility, making them an attractive option for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

CRT-G105T Passive Padlock

Access Management: such as setting specific times for access, creating temporary access authorization and receiving notifications when the lock is used. Activity Monitoring: Users can track who enters and leaves the assets and when. Alerts and Notifications: Users can receive alerts when a ...

CRT-FQ500 Anti theft Lock

Desperate for enhanced security for your cabinets? Need remote access control for power industries? Desire to monitor the access records of the facility? Want higher convenience for door access and facility maintenance? smart lock is the solution once and for all.

CRT-B100 Handle Lock

The smart lock has the characteristics of high security and convenient operation, which can greatly improve the security of distribution equipment, the simplicity of personnel operations, and improve operation and maintenance. It has high efficiency and can carry out equipment operation and main...

Square Manhole Cover with Smart Lock

Missing and damaged manhole cover ? Unable to repair in a timely manner ? Causing personal injury or death accidents. Causing loss of life and property? Complex environment, diversified ownership, old and disrepair roads? Causing missing asset information for the Manhole? Electrical fire occurs i...

Round Manhole Cover with Smart Lock

smart manhole covers are a relatively new innovation that bring advanced technology to the traditionally mundane infrastructure of city streets. The features of smart manhole covers include Sensor Technology, Real-Time Monitoring, Data Communication, Enhanced Security, Durability and Safety. Thes...