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PBAT/PLA Full Biodegradable Masterbatch

What is degradable plastic? Degradation of plastics is a large concept that refers to plastics that, over a period of time and involving one or more steps under prescribed environmental conditions, result in significant changes in the chemical structure of the material resulting in loss of certa...

Customized PP/PE/ABS/PET Masterbatches Are Acceptable

What is color masterbatch? What are the advantages?Color masterbatches are aggregates of supernumerary pigments (dyes) uniformly loaded into resins. Using color masterbatches has the following advantages.

Special Blue Masterbatch For Pipe With High Quality And Low Price

A plastic colorant MADE OF a high proportion of pigment or additive and thermoplastic resin, which is well dispersed. The resin selected has good wetting and dispersing effects on the colorant and has good compatibility with the material to be colored. Production: pigment + carrier + additive ...