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Fresh Brown Shimeji Mushrooms In Punnet

One box of Brown shimeji mushrooms contain 150g brown shimeji mushrooms. The brown shimeji mushrroms also known as Crab-flavored mushrooms. It belongs to the subphylum Basidiomycetes , White Mushrooms, Yumushrooms, also known as Yumushrooms, Banyumushrooms, True Chimushrooms, Jiaoyu Mushrooms,...

Twin shimeji

Introducing our newest and most exciting product – Twin Shimeji! With our unique blend of 50% white shimeji and 50% brown shimeji in one bag, you can enjoy two different flavors in one convenient package! Each bag weighs 250 grams, and you can buy a full box of 24 bags with a net weight of 6 kg.

Rare Edible Fungus Maitake Mushrooms With Medicinal Function

In Research Progress in Chemical Composition and Pharmacological Activity of Grifola Frondosa by Liu jia, Haiying, Tuligul, it has been proved that grifola frondosa has the functions of improving immune function, regulating blood lipid and blood sugar, as well as anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-oxid...

Fresh White And Brown Shimeji Twins Mushrooms In Punnet

One box of twin shimeji mushrooms contain 100g white shimeji mushrooms and 100g brown shimeji mushrooms. One box mushrooms let you have a taste of two different mushrooms.

Wiled Fresh Black Truffle From China Ethnic Area

Among them, androsterone has significant effects of helping Yang and regulating endocrine; Sphingolipids have obvious activities in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis and antitumor cytotoxicity; Polysaccharides, polypeptides and triterpenes have the functions of enhancing immunity, a...