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Night vision product

Night Vision Monocular Goggle IR Outdoor/Hiking

Model: DT-NH81X DT-NH81X is a new product based on the latest optoelectronics technology. It uses high-performance second-generation/third generation image intensifier. It has the characteristics of excellent performance, small size, light weight, clear image, simple operation, high performance-p...

Night Vision Rifle Scope Weapon Sight Military Infrared Night Vision Monoculars

Model: DT-NS8X5 DT-NS8X5 Night Vision. In night vision mode, night field sniping operations can be carried out as long as the conditions of 10-3 lux (with weak glow) illumination are satisfied. The target has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient operation, reliable performance a...

Tactical FOV 50 /40 Degree Night Vision Goggles and No Distortion Binoculars

Model: DTS-31N DTS-31N is a high-performance military head mounted night vision binocular built by Optoelectronics with reference to pvs-31, an active head mounted night vision binocular  in the United States.  Low light DTS-31N has the characteristics of super large field of view, high definitio...

Night Vision Monocular with Infrared Digital HD Rifle Scopes for Military Outdoor

Model: DT-NS8X4 DT-NS8X4 uses a high-performance super-second generation image intensifier, which greatly improves the viewing clarity and can distinguish adult size targets at a distance of 1-2KM.