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Nylon Fully Drawn Yarn for Home Furnishing Fabrics


FDY(Fully Drawn Yarn) JIAYI HS: 5402311100 100% Nylon Nylon FDY Fujian, China

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What is FDY?

It is produced by a process similar to POY manufacturing, but the FDY yarn is produced at even higher spinning speeds coupled with intermediate drawing integrated in the process itself, which allows stabilization through orientation and crystallization. It has stable physical performance. Elongation is about 44-49%; strength>4.2Cn/dtex.


1. Excellent thermal stability.
2. Excellent light resistance.
3. Good heat resistance.
4. Resistant to storage environment.
5. Good mechanical properties.
6. Excellent surface cleanliness.
7. Excellent quality in uniform dyeing.


The main use of nylon FDY is for stocking, knitting, weaving fabrics, weaving looms and hocovering machines. Also it can be knitted or woven with any other filament yarn to get fabric of various different varieties. It is mainly used in Home Furnishing Fabrics, Fashion Fabrics, Denim, Terry Towel and other.

Specifications offered

Specification Luster Bobbin weight CTN packing(4 bobbins/ctn) Pallet packing
20”GP 40”HQ 20”GP 40”HQ
20D/7f Semi-dull 3 6300 9960 3780 8640
30D/12f Bright 6 8400 19920 7560 17280
40D/12f Bright 3 6300 9960 3780 8640
40D/12f FD/SD/TBR 6.5 9100 21580 8190 18720
66D/24f Semi-dull 6.5 9100 21580 8190 18720
68D/24f Bright 6.5 9100 21580 8190 18720
70D/24f Semi-dull 6.5 9100 21580 8190 18720
140D/48f Bright 6 8400 19920 7560 17280

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