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polyethylene wax

White powder polyethylene wax for hot melt adhesive

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Color masterbatch uses good dispersion pe wax powder

Polyethylene wax  has good chemical stability, excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, dispersibility, fluidity and demoulding. It has high softening point, low melting viscosity, high hardness and good wear resistance. As a dispersant of various masterbatches, a demoulding agent ...

Good thermal stability ope wax for PVC products

High-density modified wax(ope wax), it can promote plasticization, and it has a good post-thermal stability, it can give products a good plasticization and luster, long continuous production cycle, in masterbatch will increase dispersion and brightness, but it has an effect on the oxidative induc...

High density oxidized polyethylene wax

1. It can be used as PVC and other plastic lubricant.2. Excellent internal and external lubrication.3, It can improve the lubricity between polymer and metal.4, It can improve the dispersion of colorants.5, Give products good transparency and luster.6. Better improve production efficiency Min.Ord...


1.PVC profile ,pipe ,foaming board,wood plastic.2.Color Masterbatch,filled masterbatch,modified masterbatch ,functional masterbatch.3.PVC stabilizer4.Hot melt adhesive5.Paint ,paint,road marking paint6.Paraffin wax,7.Rubber processing

High viscosity cracking Polyethylene wax SX-70

Product Introduction:Recycled cracked wax , good dispersion ,small volatility ,good price/performance .