Scientific Instruments

Carbon dioxide cell incubator II

EY model carbon dioxide incubators are commonly used in cell dynamics research, collection of mammalian cell secretions, carcinogenic or toxicological effects of various physical and chemical factors, research and production of antigens ,etc.We are carbon dioxide incubator factory, this carbon di...

Electric Heating Constant Temperature Blast Drying Oven Series 500

It is used for various tests in scientific research units, universities, medical institutions, industrial and mining enterprises and other units and departments, such as drying, disinfection, sterilization, curing and other applications.

H6-10KR Floor High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

H6-10KR floor-standing high-speed refrigerated centri- fuge is designed for customers with high speed re- quirements and can be widely used in clinical medicine, bioengineering, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical and other fields.

L4-6K Table Low Speed Centrifuge

L4-6K available equips multiple rotors and adaptor, suit- able for the separation and purification of radio immunity, clinical medicine, biochemistry, biopharmaceuticals, and blood. It is an indispensable instrument for centrifugation at hospitals, research institutes and universities.

TD4 Vehicle mounted Table Low Speed Centrifuge

◎ Small Size, great space saver for the lab.◎ Digital display.◎ High performance with low noise.◎ Suction cup at bottom,suitable for vehicle.

Class II biosafety cabinet-BSC-1000IIB2

◎ Secondary biosafety cabinet, air flow mode: 100% discharge, 0 circulation requirements.◎ Meet the standards of nsf49 and en12469, and the product executive standard: the pharmaceutical industry standard of the people’s Republic of China “yy0569-2011″.