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Seaweed Extract – Seaweed Solution For Plants


The product is 100% water-soluble and is primarily extracted from ascophyllum nodosum. Contains a variety of balanced nutrients. It can be applied as a foliar application or by irrigation to provide nutrient support, prevent or correct potassium nutrient deficiencies that may limit growth and yield, and improve crop quality, Works with a variety of crops including conventional, organic, turf, and more. Long-term use is recommended as it is a stable source of nutrients for plants and soil microbes. Also helps soil store air and moisture for longer.

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Black Seaweed Extract, is a kind of plant growth booster designed to help the plants thrive. This product is made from 100% natural Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract, known for its high concentration of essential micronutrients and trace elements.

With 18% each of Alginic Acid and K2O, Seaweed Extract Black is an effective supplement for plant growth. Alginic acid is a natural biosorbent that helps improve soil structure and water holding capacity. It also enhances the uptake of nutrients by the plant, ultimately making the plant healthier and stronger.

A unique feature of black seaweed extract is its microparticle form. This formula makes it easy to apply and mix into soil or growing media. It also improves the consistency of the product and ensures that it is evenly distributed throughout the root zone of the plant.

Seaweed Extract Black is suitable for a wide variety of plants including ornamentals, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Simply mix Black Seaweed Extract with water as directed and spray as a foliar spray or directly on the root zone.


1. Promote root growth: Seaweed fertilizer contains various trace elements and plant growth hormones needed for plant growth. These ingredients can stimulate plant root growth and enhance its ability to absorb nutrients.

2. Improve plant immunity: Seaweed fertilizer contains a variety of natural plant antibiotics and enzymes, which can enhance plant immunity and resist pests and diseases.

3. Increase the nutritional value of plants: Seaweed fertilizer contains a lot of protein, amino acids, growth factors and vitamins, etc. These substances can increase the nutritional value of plants and promote the growth and development of plants.

4. Improve soil structure: Seaweed fertilizer can increase the amount of soil organic matter and microorganisms, improve soil structure, and improve soil water and fertilizer retention capacity.

5.Environmental protection and safety: seaweed fertilizer is a kind of natural organic fertilizer, which does not contain chemical components, is safe and harmless to the environment and plants, will not pollute the soil and water quality, and conforms to the modern environmental protection concept.

General Information

Physical Properties

Chemical Properties



Alginic Acid Content



Flake/Powder/Micro Particle

Potassium( K2O)






Water Solubility






(Microparticle ≤3%.

Flake & Powder:5%~8%)

Organic Matter


PH Value



Seaweed extract promotes additional budding if applied as the plants are beginning to bud and extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables if applied 10 days before harvesting. The extract lengthens the life of cut flowers if they are sprayed with it a day or two before cutting. It can also be used as a rooting solution.

Seaweed extract also boosts crop yields, improves resistance of plants to frost and disease, increases uptake of inorganic constituents from the soil, bolsters resistance to stress conditions and reduces storage losses of fruit. It promotes vigorous growth and helps deter pests and diseases on fruit, flowers, vegetables, lawns etc. it is especially useful in organic gardening. They contain almost every micro-nutrient in a fully chelated (immediately available) form. The algae are also full of carbohydrates, which plants use as a building block. Numerous beneficial microorganisms also use carbohydrates as a food source.

There are very important Plant Hormones naturally found in Seaweed.

Item Hormones Functions
1 Auxin Balance the growth rate. stimulating growth. also stimulating root growth and preventing shoots from forming or opening at the wrong time.
2 Cytokinin Stimulate growth with greater vigour as they mobilize nutrients in the leaves.provide protection from edge frost (up to -3 degrees Celsius). Cytokinins also slow down the senescence (aging process) of plants.
3 Betaine Help increase water uptake by the plant and are very helpful in dry conditions. Betaine is also particularly helpful for plants that are under stress.

Frequently Asked Question

What kinds of advantages does seaweed extract have?

Alginic acid:

Alginic acid is rich in seaweed polysaccharides, phenolic polymers, betaine, etc., which can promote the upward and downward transportation of organic and inorganic substances in plants, regulate the osmotic effect of cells, promote crop growth, induce crops to produce anti-stress factors, and improve the body’s immune activity, increase crop disease resistance. It also has antiviral and anthelmintic properties. Phenolic polymers, betaine also have anthelmintic and antifungal properties.

Nature Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)

There are very important Plant Hormones naturally found in Seaweed. Nature hormones, in which the most important ones are auxins, cytokinin, betaines and gibbelerin. These hormones are essential for plant health. Most of them only require a very small percentage but are still important.

Nature trace elements and special element Iodine

Seaweed extracts contains a very balanced macro/medium/micro element. That can promote crop growth. Meanwhile inside seaweed there is a kind of special element: Iodine, that is nature found in seaweed. Iodine can help to regulates protein synthesis and breakdown, enhance enzyme activity inside crop body, promote crop growth and development and sterilize and protect plant health.


The product has no influence with calcium adoption, which has made it safer to apply on low calcium soils. Its capacity to penetrate the plants stomapermits the leaf to accept nutrients very rapidly in foliar applications as well.

Foliar spraying is the best method to apply seaweed extract to plants, as it is 8-20 times more effective than applying on soil.

Spray the seaweed extract in a very fine mist until it drips off the surface of the plant’s leaves. Plants will absorb nutrients immediately and benefit from the next day.

Dilution Rates:

Foliar spray: 1: 1,500-1: 2,000;

Root irrigation: 1: 1,200-1: 1,500

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage Available in 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg bag or 600Kg Jumbo bag

Storage: Dry, cool, direct sun light proof, moisture proof warehouse.

Shelf life: 36 months.

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