Gansu Sichuan Pepper(Prickly Ash)1002A

Name:Gansu Sichuan Pepper(Prickly Ash)No.:1002AIngredients:100% red Sichuan PepperOrigin:Gansu ChinaShape:GranuleColour:Red, bright red, reddish brown,purplish redOdour:The characteristic smell of Gansu Sichuan PepperApplication:Chinese cooking,hot pot,food,seasoning,etc.

Maowen Sichuan Pepper(Prickly Ash)1001A

Name: Maowen Sichuan Pepper(Prickly Ash)No.: 1001AIngredients: 100% red Sichuan PepperOrigin: Sichuan ChinaShape: GranuleColour: Red, bright red, reddish brown, purplish redOdour: The characteristic smell of Maowen Sichuan PepperApplication: Chinese cooking, oil, marinating, stewed meat, etc.

Fennel Powder M3401001

Name:Fennel Powder(No.:M3401001)Ingredients:100% FennelCountry of origin:Gansu ChinaOdour:The characteristic smell of FennelColour:Grayish green to yellowish greenShape:Powder :

Coriander Powder M2601001

Name:Coriander Powder(No.:M2601001)Ingredients:100% CorianderCountry of origin: ChinaOdour:The characteristic smell of CorianderColour:Yellow to orangeShape:Powder