High Water Absorption Large Edge Polishing Porous Foam Yellow Sponge Seaweed Car Wash Cleaning Sponge

What’s the difference between a car wash sponge and a car wash towel? Almost the same. Wash the car in the following order: 1, wash the order, should be washed from top to bottom to wash the body of the dust first wash clean; 2, foam, the car will be dedicated to the car wash foam evenly covering...

EVA Composite Sponge Can Be Used in Ceramic Waxing Car Waxing Cleaning Sponge

Car Wash. In order to ensure the waxing effect, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned before waxing. Waxing. Waxing can be divided into two kinds of hand waxing and mechanical waxing, hand waxing is easy, mechanical waxing efficiency is high.

Wholesale Four-Color Sponge Cup Brush Ultra-Long Handle to Facilitate Grasping

Have you noticed that you often use plastic cups and porcelain cups to make tea or tea with milk. After a long time, there will be tea stains on the wall of the Cup?

Cute Hanging Coral Velvet Hand Towelsoft Touch Strong Water Absorption Interesting and Stylish

Coral velvet is a new kind of fabric. Colorful, good coverage of the coral-like textile fabrics. But easy to static electricity, due to the weaving principle there will be hair loss phenomenon, it is recommended to wear before washing once.

Hot-Selling Superfine Fiber Magic Melamine Sponge Scrubber

Easy to wear and comfortable little white shoes dirty, with a shoe brush and hurt the upper. Xiamen Sihang to share this little sponge wipe, although small, but can effectively clean white shoes, as long as wet with water after cleaning can quickly clean sneaker sneakers behind black stains, clot...