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of Chinese Stone Machinery


HL-09 Plastic mold DIY road mold for road

This is a PP plastic paving mold used to make cement (or red mud) garden path. The mold consists of irregular holes. Cement slurry can be filled inside the mold, and then the upper part is smoothed by hand. When the cement is drying, the loading mold is taken out, and then stone sand is sprayed o...

GS-SL09 yellow color slate random stone for road and street

Natural Slate flooring (板岩铺路石)is used for exterior flooring, interior flooring and exterior walls. Slate floors are usually laid outdoors in hallways, basements and kitchens. The interior SLATE floor is durable, versatile and beautiful. Homeowners can use Slate to decorate the interior to c...

red heart artificial culture stone decorate garden stone cement stone block

Courtyard cultural stones are stones placed in the garden to beautify the garden

DL-023 polished light green pebble ball stone for decorate the garden

stone chips is machined pebbles are made of natural large rocks broken and polished. Because the color is good, they are widely used in environmental art design. Mainly used in civil construction, square and road paving, garden rockery, landscape stone, drainage filtration, interior decoration ma...