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Virdyn VDSuit Full for Full Body Function Inertia Motion Capture Suit


A professional inertia motion capture technology hardware device used in the fields of film, 3D animation, game development, VR developers, and sport fanatics.

What you get from us:

●A 27 sensors wearable full body mocap suit include fingers capture

●FREE AND FAST worldwide shipping: We support shipping worldwide without shipping fee. 3-5 days for East Asia, 7-15 days for North America, Europe and Mid-Asia, 12-18 days for Latin America, Australia, Africa.

●FREE Mocap software: We will provide you with our motion capture device with Free mocap software.

●FREE software updates: VDMocap Studio/VDMocap Studio Plus

●FREE game engine and 3D softwares Plug-ins: Unity/UE4.24-5.3/IClone7-8/Blender/Maya/MotionBuilder/3DS MAX

●FREE Plugins support Steam Platform: VRChat/Warudo for Vtuber

●FREE C++SDK package

●ONE-YEAR and extend warranty time: For ALL device components

●BEST ONE-ON-ONE customer support engineers

●12 Hours quick response

●48 hours shipments after paid

We have special offers for bulk orders, resellers, education/students, small studios etc, Please send inquiry email to us for more info!

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Product Details

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● 27 sense nodes: It contain 27 key sense nodes in the whole body, which can accurate to the finger joints.

●High sensor refresh rate: up to 500 HZ

●Low latency: only 10-20ms in wireless state

●Long transmission distance: support up to 40 metres wireless transmission

●High Data frame rate: support 60HZ, 72HZ, 80HZ, 96HZ four kinds of frequency

● Wireless transmission: Wireless transmission, charging 2.5 hours, continuous working 6 hours

● Software for FREE: Buy VDSuit Full get VDMocap Studio FREE for life.

● Support Game Engine and Animation Software: Provide FREE plugins for Unity/UE/Maya/Blender/IClone/MotionBuilder/3DSMAX.

● Support Steam VRChat: Provide FREE plugin for VRChat, support VDSuit Full combined with VR equipment to play VRChat.

● Support Vtuber virtual livestream software: Support connecting Warudo, virtual livestream software to open live broadcast as 2D/3D Avatar.

● 360° motion capture: 360° attitude capture range, no angle limit.

● Full body one-click driveEasy to wear, only needs about 5 minuets.

● Independently developed core algorithmOur self-developed algorithm, high-frequency refresh, fast calibration.

● High-tolerance magnetic interference algorithmAdaptive temperature compensation algorithm to effectively suppress temperature drift.

Technical solution

Inertial motion capture technology


Accuracy; adaptivity; flexible use

Body webbing material

Nylon fabric, adjustable elastic band, suitable for all body types

Weight of the motion capture suit


Wear time


Sense points


Sensor type

Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer

Acceleration range


Gyroscope range


Magnetometer range


Pose capture range


Angular resolution


Pose accuracy

ROLL<0.5° PITCH<0.5° YAW<1.5°

Data transmission mode

2.4GHz wireless or USB2.0 wired

Transmission distance

30m wireless (open environment)/3m wired

Data frame rate

60HZ, 72HZ, 80HZ, 96HZ

Data type


Wired Data delay


Wireless Data delay


Power supply mode

Rechargeable built-in large-capacity lithium battery which can work 2.5h continuously

Battery Type

Potassium Battery

Charge mode

MicroUSB port; external 5V charger; full charge<2H

Internal data refresh rate


Core algorithm

Independently developed

Sensor Core Algorithm

Self-developed multi-level AHRS asynchronous fusion algorithm

Displacement function

Support displacement function

High-dynamic characteristics

Support jump, flip and other difficult motions


Unity3D, UE4.26/4.27/5.0/5.1/5.2/5.3, 3D MAX, MAYA, MotionBuilder, Blender, IClone7/8, C++SDK, Python

Steam Platform

VRChat, Warudo, VUP


Self-developed 24-plane, 9-parameter multi-sensor calibration technology

Data editing and playback

The motion capture software is equipped with the data editing and playback function

Size Description

VDSuit Full utilizes elastic straps with significant flexibility to securely fasten sensors in place. Its design offers high adaptability, with minimal restrictions based on height or body shape. If you wish to review the maximum diameter of each strap (the longest diameter within the elastic band’s tolerance range), please refer to the following data. To calculate the circumference of the strap, simply multiply this data by 2, representing twice the maximum diameter:

● Head: 56cm

● Forearm: 25cm

● Bicep: 28cm

● Shoulder: 55cm

● Waist: 75cm

● Thigh: 55cm

● Calf: 48cm

● Foot: 28cm

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