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100% Polyester 3D air spacer sandwich mesh fabric


Our item number FTT10210 is a spacer mesh fabric. It is knitted with 100% polyester.

Spacer mesh has 3 separate layers of fabric knitted together. A mono-filament yarn to produce the “ connecting cushion” will connect a face and a back. Due to the special structure in which two outer fabric layers are connected by a layer of pile threads, spacer mesh fabrics are also called 3D mesh and sandwich mesh. It generally varies from 1.5 to 10 mm thickness.

Spacer mesh fabrics are knitted on double-needle-bar Rachel machines. The two outer layers of the spacer mesh fabric can be designed to have different forms. The 3D structure has been widely used to enhance the mechanical properties and reduce the weight of composites.

These spacer mesh fabrics are widely used for car seat padding, breathable panels in apparel or sneaker, knee and elbow protectors, shoulder pads etc.

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100% Polyester 3D air spacer sandwich mesh fabric

Item No.



Width (+3%-2%)

Weight (+/-5%)


Spacer Mesh




Technical Features

Breathable, Thick.

Available Treatments

Moisture Wicking, Anti-Bacterial, Fire Retardant.

W Choose Us?


adopts high quality fibers to ensure the performance and quality of our spacer mesh fabrics exceed international industry standards.

Strict quality control to ensure that the spacer mesh fabrics utilization rate is greater than 95%.


Strong design and technical team with years of experience in high-end fabric, design, production, and marketing.

launches a new series of spacer mesh fabrics monthly.


aims to continue to create maximum value for customers. We not only supply our  spacer mesh fabrics to our customers, but also provide excellent service and solution.


With 16 years’ experience for spacer mesh fabrics, has professionally served 40 countries clients worldwide.


Factory direct selling price, no distributor earns the price difference.


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