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Automotive interior materials

Factory Source Luxurious Microfiber Leather for Auto Interior

Microfiber leather, with good elasticity, high strength, soft hand feeling and good breathability, many physical properties of Bensen’s microfiber synthetic leather have surpassed natural leather, and more and more car owners like to use microfiber to decorate their cars.

Nappa Leather Manufacturer in Different Color Collection

Microfiber automotive leather is the best quality faux leather for car seats and interior, luxury leather looks&feeling comfortable soft, excellent abrasion resistance, deep and clear textures.  Bensen is specialized in supplying high quality faux leather for the automotive  and we have a lar...

Factory Price Suede Microfiber Leather for Car Interior Modification

Suede microfiber leather is a type of leather made with a surface nap of small, raised fibers that are soft to the touch. And it is very easy to color and is often dyed in a variety of colors. Suede is used for a variety of leather products, including car interiors, etc.

China Factory Direct Sale Microfiber Suede Leather for Auto

Bensen’s microfiber suede leather has high strength and elastic recovery, and is durable, wrinkle-resistant and non-iron, which is very popular among car owners.

Factory Direct Supply Silk Ring Foot Carpet Car Interiors

Bensen’s new silk ring foot carpet can absorb all kinds of dust and mud, and have a strong dirt-absorbing ability, which can keep the interior of the car clean for a long time, and are suitable for use all year round.

Wholesale Cheap Car Silk Ring Foot Mats with Non-slip Bottom

The silk ring foot mats are different from other foot mats and have their unique characteristics, which are the silk ring is sprayed on the non-slip bottom using the hot melt process, so that the silk ring and the non-slip bottom are firm and not split, and therefore long-lasting.

Various Patterns of Car Floor Mats Raw Material

Bensen produces a variety of car foot mats material, healthy and environmentally friendly, safe and non-slip.

Pure Color Car floor Mats Material Manufacturer

The car floor mats material produced by Bensen is made of environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and harmless, no odor, the discarded pieces and products are a recyclable thermoplastic resin, green and environmentally friendly.