Ball valve

Valve Balls

focus on produce floating valve spheres. Floating design means two seat rings are used for supporting the ball in the floating type ball valve. This design makes the ball to float or move in the direction of the seat ring on top. This design is suited for small size and low pressure ball valves.

Solid Trunnion Valve Ball

Solid ball is machined from compact casting or forging. Solid ball is normally considered as the best lifetime solution. And solid balls are mainly used in high pressure conditions.

Hollow Valve Balls

Hollow ball is made by coil welded steel plate or seamless stainless steel tubes. The hollow ball reduces the load of the spherical surface and the valve seat because of its lighter weight, which helps to extend the service life of the valve seat.

Trunnion Valve Balls with Tube Welded inside

The ball in trunnion mounted ball valve wont move because the trunnion ball valve ball has another stem at the bottom to fixed the position of the ball. The trunnion type valve balls are mainly used in high pressure conditions and large sizes ball valves.