BC original factory BI05 vibration deeply cleansing instrument EMS skin firming


BI05 clean and brighten skin magnetic-thermal derivation is cleaner than manual cleaning vertical vibration help better absorptio. Manufacturing Country: Guangdong, China Min.Order Quantity: 3000/Pieces Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Product Details

Product Tags


Product material


Product color

Green, Red, Pink


1000mAh  3.7V

Charge time

≈2H Type-C

Working time



5W  1A




Warm/ Cool/ LED


1*Device, Type-C cable, Manual


● Facial cleanser, Brightening skin EMS micro current, UP pulse.

● Warm care mode, lift and tighten to fade wrinkle

1.Red ion import

2.Magnetothermal extraction technology

3.Exclusive Eye care

4.Blue light soothes acne

● Ion + red light nourishing introduction, Double absorption, Double absorption effect, stimulate collagen regeneration.

● Introduction of nutritional essence, Ion vibration into, ion components can be deep penetration.

● The red light softens skin and promotes skin micro circulation.

● Blue light ice compress, smooth acne, tighten pores, improve acne, acne, mouth closure, redness, etc.

● Restrain inflammation for a short time, activate skin and tighten pores.

● Solve skin problems: This facial beauty massager deeply cleans pores and dirt, and penetrates the nutrients into the bottom of the skin.

●Portable design: The beauty instrument is suitable for daily use on the body and face. Small, compact and ergonomic design, easy to use and carry. Recommendations for use: We recommend using the facial care machine 3-4 times per week, 15-20 minutes per time.

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