China factory 2V 600AH 2000AH Gel Rechargeable Storage Deep Cycle Sealed Batteries


Brand: Place of origin: ChinaVoltage range: 2VSealed Type: SealedMaintenance Type: FreeModel Number: BTG2Capacity range: 100AH-3000AHTerminal: CopperContainer Material: Strong ABSPlates: Lead-Tin- Calcium-Aluminum alloy gridsOEM/ODM: YesSupply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per MonthPackaging: Carton box package or as you requested

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1. Good stability and high reliability
2. Thick plates and high-density active material
3. High power density
4. Longer life in deep cycle applications
5. Excellent recovery from deep discharge
6. Extremely low self-discharge rate
7. Number of cycles(25°C):
30%DOD: 2300 cycles;50%DOD: 1200 cycles;100%DOD: 600cycles
8. Long design life: 25°C, floating life of 18 years
9. High seal response rate: > 98%
10. Applicable environment: -15~50°C
11. Operating temperature range: -20~50°C
12. Recommended operating temperature: 25°C

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Telecommunication equipment, Signal system, Emergency lighting system, Security system; EPS and UPS battery backup, Telecom, Solar and wind energy storage system;
Firefighting equipment standby power supply, Power station.

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