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Industrial Panel Pc Manufacturers: Android All In One Pcs

‘s industrial panel PC product is a high-performance touchscreen PC designed for industrial environments. Its key selling points include touchscreen functionality, multi-size customisation and IP65 waterproofing. Firstly, our products are equipped with sensitive touch screen technology that al...

Fast heat dissipation mini industrial control mainframe, optional I3 I5 I7 J6412

Introducing our Fast Heat Dissipation Mini Industrial Control Mainframe. This cutting-edge device is designed to revolutionize industrial control systems with its exceptional performance and unrivaled efficiency. Whether you are in need of a reliable solution for factory automation, process contr...

23.6 inch j4125 j1900 fanless wall-mounted embedded screen panel all in one pc

Aluminium HPL, that is, a fire-resistant Board with a metal film on its surface, has a metallic texture, is lightweight and durable, and has good fire resistance. Suitable for walls, doors, decorative trim, etc.

IP67 Waterproof 10 Inch Rugged Android 13 Tablet Mobile PCs

Made of flexible resin and international advanced technology. Widely used in office furniture, cabinets, school desks, locomotive interiors, home decoration, and other industries.  postforming board is not only sold domestically but also exported abroad, with the largest production and sales quan...