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FN-A4 New American type implant chair

It is a dental chair with high quality and high standard, which is specially designed for planting and at the same time for common treatment,Hidden box design, high power 10000 n motor, luxury shadowless lamp (multiple mode selection), mobile lifting trolley, auxiliary stainless steel tray, water...

FN-A3 Luxury Standard Upgrade

90┬░cabinet box rotation dental chair units. Made the four hand operation more convenient.

CP-1700 Dental Oil Free Air Compressor

Three main factors go into choosing the right air compressor for your dental practice:Power: Most dental offices require compressors to operate between one and five horsepower to efficiently run their equipment.

CP-850 Dental Oil Free Air Compressor

The motor coil is made of 100% copper wire to ensure the high quality and service life of the motor. Automatic drainage device, avoid manual discharge.

XB-E300 Medical shadowless Operation Lamp

Find an impressive selection of affordable dental lights to illuminate your work area when you shop at FOINOE. We offer plenty of different lighting styles to suit just about any dental practice. These lights are designed so that they can be moved and angled in different positions to achieve the ...

XB-E100 China Made Stand Type Operating Light

Dental operating lights are a standard fixture in every dental practice, because without these lights dentistry would be literally be in the dark ages. Something as simple as lightning the oral cavity can actually make or break the success of a dental operation. Operation lights are p...