Naphtol AS-G CAS NO.91-96-3

It is mainly used for dyeing and printing of cotton yarn, cotton fabric, artificial cotton, bath towel, viscose fiber, silk and acetate fiber, and can also be used for producing quick pigment yellow, etc

Sulphur Brilliant Green CAS NO.12227-06-4

Sulphur Green 14, also known as Sulphur Brilliant Green F3G, Sulphur Bright Green. Appearance: Dark green powder, not soluble in water. Bright color and have good dyeing fastness. Used for dyeing cotton and linen etc.

522 Sulphur Black BR

Sulphur Black BR, also know as Sulphur Black 1 is one popular sulphur dye for dyeing cotton especially dyeing denim. There are Sulphur Black B and Sulphur Black BR two main color shade. Price is affordable.