Factory Custom Neck Cooling Tube Wearable PCM Cooling Neck Wraps Ice Neck Ring


Custom ColorYou Can Contact Us To Customize The ColorMaterialTPU-Skin FriendlyPCM-Phase Change MaterialCustom TemperatureCustom Specifications And WeightL: Diameter   120mm, Weight: 130gM:Diameter   100mm, Weight: 120gS: Diameter      88mm, Weight 100gProduct Delivery TimeQuantity(pieces)1-500501-2000>2000Est.Time(days)27Custom UsPayment Method

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1.Our factory can provide customized SIZE, LOGO, COLOR  And TEMPERATURE.

2.Freeze “10mins”in iced water cooltime up to 2hours.

3.Easy and quick apply,reusable every summer,safe harmless & sanitizable.



1.PCM refrigerant freezes below 18°C faster than water. Ice water and ice box automatically freeze for 10 minutes, freeze for 20 minutes, and use air-conditioned cold air to freeze.
2.Neck-mounted cooler, the neck can be reused for a long time. Ergonomic design and eco-friendly TPU are comfortable and easy to use.
3.The cooling time is basically about 40~60 minutes, and the convenient neck-mounted air conditioner and neck-mounted air conditioner can be enjoyed without ice cubes, batteries, chargers and fans.
4.Cooling by maintaining optimal cooling temperatures without the risk of skin necrosis or frostbite. Melts without dripping and condensation.
5.Does not stick to the neck. Highly recommended for those who are heat sensitive, preferably worn under a scarf and collared shirt.

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Equipped with excellent production technology, strong technology strength and the excelsior professional dedication, our products have established a good reputation in medical institutions all over the country.

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