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Biodegradable Intestinal Anastomosis Stent Stapler No Residue In Body

Place of Origin Made in ChinaBrand Name Biodegradable intestinal anastomosis stentCertification ISO13485Model Number BIS22-H, BIS24-H, BIS26-H, BIS30-H, BIS34-H, BIS38-H

Single Polymer Clip Applier with Flexible angle of 40°

Place of Origin: Made in China Brand Name: Single Clip Reusable Applier Certification: ISO13485 Model Number:ECA-10L, ECA-10M, ECA-5S

Alligaclip™ Absorbable Laparoscopic Hemoclips Complete Absorption

Place of Origin Made in ChinaBrand Name AlligaClipCertification ISO13485Model Number K12, K1202, K1203

Endoscopic hemostatic clip device

The structure has precise design and manufacturing processes to ensure precise vascular hemostasis during endoscopic surgery. According to different surgical requirements and operating sites, there may be designs of different sizes and shapes to be suitable for different surgical scenarios.

Disposable electric endoscope linear cutting stapler and nail compartment components

A disposable electric endoscopic cutting stapler is usually an instrument used for medical operations, which can be used in laparoscopic surgery to cut and anastomose tissues or organs. This type of device is usually designed for one-time use to ensure intraoperative safety and hygiene.

Disposable laparoscopic linear cutting stapler and cutting components

Laparoscopic stapler is a medical device used for laparoscopic surgery, which is used to anastomose tissues during laparoscopic surgery. Its main function is to achieve precise anastomosis and suturing through endoscopic operation, thereby helping doctors complete surgery and improving surgical e...

Respirator ozone disinfection kit

A ventilator is a device used to assist patients in breathing, typically used to treat respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, respiratory distress syndrome, etc. Due to frequent contact between the ventilator and the patient, it is easy to breed bacteria and v...

High quality electric endoscope nail compartment components

The electric endoscope nail compartment is composed of a closing rod, a red firing rod lock, a firing handle, a nail anvil release button, a battery pack, a battery pack release plate, a manually operated access hole cover plate, a knife reverse switch, a knob, a joint fin, a nail compartment, a ...

Colorectal anastomosis protection leak proof fully covered stent

Although staplers bring convenience to doctors and simplify the difficulty of colorectal surgery. However, there are still unresolved issues during surgery - serious complications - anastomotic leakage, leakage of fecal contents in the abdominal cavity, which may lead to sepsis or even death. Lea...

Concentration Central Delivery System (CCDS)

Centralized control, easy to manage. The quality of dialysis concentration can be effectively improved. Automatic control, personalized installation design, no blind spot, separate A/B concentration preparation, storage and transportation, nitrogen generator, ion concentration monitoring, micr...

Portable RO Water Purification System

Chengdu Wesley Portable RO water machine is a complete reverse osmosis water treatment system designed to operate in either a direct feed format, supplying up to 2 dialysis machines, or with a treated water tank for alternative applications. Device Name: Portable RO Water Machine Model: WSL...

Hemodialysis Machine W-T2008-B HD Machine

Device Name: Haemodialysis Machine (HD) Class of MDR: IIb Models: W-T2008-B Configurations: the product is composed of circuit control system, monitoring system, blood extracorporeal circulation control system and hydraulic system, in which W-T6008S includes filter connector, replacement...

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