Hydrogen Tube Skid

The tube skid or bundled tube trailer for H2 is used for delivery H2 to H2 Fueling Station. The design code follow the standards or regulations of USDOT, ISO, GB, TPED, etc.

Industrial Gas Tube Skid

Industrial Gas tube skid is widely used for industrial gas, such as Hydrogen, Helium. The standard model is 40ft &20ft.

LNG Storage Tank

LNG Storage Tank, mainly used as static storage for LNG, adopts perlite or multilayer winding and high vacuum for thermal insulation. It could be designed in vertical or horizontal type with different volume.

Tube Skid

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Tube Skid is using for realizing transporting large volumes of natural gas to areas where is in lack of infrastructure of natural gas supply such as gas piping, CNG Tube Skid can supply CNG for daughter station as well as transmit natural gas for industry, power plant...