Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle Clear Amber Frosted Boston Glass Bottle


Material: Glass Capacity: 250ml/500ml Sample: Free sample Bottle Color: Amber, Clear, Green, Blue, Matt Black, White, Customized etc Accessories: Plastic Pump, Stainless Steel Pump, Spray Trigger, Screw Cap Customized Process: Frosted, Screen Printing, Golden Stamping, etc

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Boston round bottles, also known as Winchester bottles, feature a rounded should and rounded, broad base. These versatile glass bottles are commonly used in the personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical industries and more due to their stability during dispensing.

The Boston hand sanitizer dispenser can be used for filler pump dispensers such as hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and detergent. Use the Boston glass soap dispenser bottle to help you organize the bathroom shower and kitchen, creating a clean and comfortable environment.

The soap dispenser has a stylish design with a molded glass body and a chrome-plated pump head, which is perfect for your favorite soap or lotion. Amber brown colored glass provides ultraviolet protection, especially important for aromatherapy, essential oils & herbal treatments to preserve beneficial effects.

Hand sanitizer, after experiencing several major epidemics, the market has developed greatly. We all know that the market penetration rate of hand sanitizer has been increasing in recent years. The earliest beginning of the hand sanitizer to attract people’s attention originated from SARS in 2003. The popularity of hand sanitizer has also spawned market demand for hand sanitizer bottle packaging. In the past 10 years, the packaging of laundry liquid bottles has basically maintained the form of a pressure pump, and the style has not changed much.Now,Due to the global Coronavirus disease COVID-19, hand washing has never been so important. We hope this hand sanitizer dispenser can add relax to your experience.

Made for liquid and foam products, as well as lotions and soap, amber boston round bottles with pumps dispense an even amount of product with each push. Pump bottles are a great alternative to traditional plastic packaging as they are reusable and provide better protection for your product. All prices include pump.

Now, more and more people are beginning to realize that personalization is the future trend, and the unchanging packaging form of hand sanitizer bottles will surely show new changes in the future. There will be a diversified trend in both capacity and appearance. The customized and personalized laundry liquid bottle packaging is more flexible and will be more popular.


1)Suitable for various environments, such as residential, commercial, camping, office, shop, restaurant, etc.
2)Easy to use and clean
3)High-quality materials
4)Beautifully packaged and suitable for gifts
5)Customization is acceptable, which belongs to your exclusive information
6)The lead free glass and BPA free hand pump material makes it perfect environment friendly. The glass dispenser is reusable and recyclable resulting in zero waste.


Screw design,Thick non-slip bottle bottom

Multiple colors and styles customization

Various pump head and bottle cap styles

Smooth and Thick Material

Deep Process

A. silk screen prints
B. full colors hot stamping
C. label stickers
D. frosted and spray painting



Silk-screen Printing


Golden Stamping

Sealing Type

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