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Electric power wire connector copper and aluminium terminals cable crimping lugs type

cable Copper Lug (with inspect hole) SC(JGK) Series A Type Incorporate inspection hole to check the correct cable positioning. Material: Cu;o,99.9%. , Surface: Electric tin plated , Application: Low voltage

Most popular and Wholesale GTL cable wire connector lug bimetallic electric cable wire lugs

Due to the coupling effect when Aluminum comes in contact with Copper, corrosion will happen in a short time, Currently the best solution is to use Aluminum Copper bimetal connectors.

Heat Shrinkable Silicone Rubber Tube 11kv Cable Termination Kit Customized Heat Shrink Tubing

Medium Voltage Heat Shrinkable Termination& Straight Joint AccessoriesMedium Voltage Heat Shrinkable Termination AccessoriesHeat shrinkable termination& straight joint accessories are suitable for up to 11/20/35kV, insulated with PVC,XLPE and PE polymeric cables.