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Hexagonal Gabion Mesh for River Wall


Gabion are made of heavily galvanized, double twisted, steel woven wire mesh.MaterialGalvanized, pvc coatedPopular sizes2.7/ 3.4/ 2.2mm 8x10cm 2x1x1m2.2/ 2.7/ 2.2mm 6x8cm 2x1x0.3m

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Gabion boxes are made of heavy galvanized wire / ZnAl (Galfan) coated wire / PVC or PE coated wires the mesh shape is hexagonal style. The gabion baskets are used widely in slope protection foundation pit supporting mountain rock holding river and dams scour protection.

Gabion bakset common specification

Gabion box (mesh size):



Mesh wire Dia.


zinc coating:60g,245g, ≥270g/m2

Edge wire Dia.


zinc coating:60g,245g, ≥270g/m2

Tie wire Dia.


zinc coating:60g,≥220g/m2

Gabion mattress(mesh size):


Mesh wire Dia.


zinc coating:60g, ≥220g/m2

Edge wire Dia.


zinc coating:60g,245g, ≥270g/m2

Tie wire Dia.


zinc coating:60g, ≥220g/m2

special sizes Gabion

are available

Mesh wire Dia.


superior quality,competitive price and considerate service

Edge wire Dia.


Tie wire Dia.



1. Control and guide the rivers and floods
2. Spillway dam and diversion dam
3. Rock fall protection
4. To prevent water loss
5. Bridge protection
6. Solid soil structure
7. Coastal defense works
8. Port project
9. Retaining Walls
10. Road Protection

Gabion Basket Advantage

(1)Economy. Just put the stone into the cage and seal it.
(2) The construction is simple and does not need special technology.
(3) Strong ability to resist natural damage, corrosion and adverse weather effects.
(4) can withstand large-scale deformation without collapsing.
(5)Silt between the cage stones is beneficial to plant production and can be fused with the surrounding natural environment.
(6) It has good permeability and can prevent damage caused by hydrostatic force. It is conducive to the stability of mountain slopes and beaches.

Company Profile

Anping Haochang Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,Ltd is the biggest gabion wire mesh factory in Anping. It was established in 2006.Our factory covers an area of 39000 square meters.Our company established integrated and scientific system of the quality control.We passed through the ISO:9001-2000 quality controlling.

Our Service

To the quality and credibility of the motto for development, to provide customers with reasonable prices, prompt delivery, excellent customer service. We sincerely hope that with the new and old friends to establish a good long-term business relationship, mutual benefit.

Installation Process

1. Ends,diaphragms,front and back panels are placed upright on the bottom section of wire mesh
2. Secure panels by screwing sprial binders through the mesh openings in adjacent panels
3. Stiffeners shall be placed across the corners, at 300mm from the corner. Providing a diagonal bracing,and crimped
4. Box gabion filled with graded stone by hand or with a shovel.
5. After filling,close the lid and secure with sprial binders at the diaphragms,ends,front and back.
6. When stacking tiers of the weled gabion,the lid of the lower tier may serve as base of the upper tier.Secure with sprial binders and add pre-formed stiffeners to exterior cells before filling with graded stones.

Strict Quality Control

1. Raw Material Inspection

Inspecting wire diameter, tensile strength, hardness and zinc coating and PVC coating, etc

2. Weaving Process quality control
For each gabion, we have strict QC system to inspect the mesh hole, mesh size and gabion size.

3. Weaving Process quality control

The most advanced machine 19 sets to make every gabion mesh Zero Defect.

4. Packing
Every gabion box is compact and weighted then packed into pallet for shipment,


The gabion box package is folded and in bundles or in rolls. We also can pack it according to customers special request

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