Halogen Lamp Moisture Test Meter

Brand:Model:720A Halogen Lamp Moisture Test MeterApplication:Widely used in the scope of tabacco, papermaking, food, tea, beverage, grain, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, texture raw materials etc., testing the free moisture content of samples.

Pesticide Tester

Brand:Model:YN-CLVI Pesticide residue testerAppliation:YN-CLVI is the only one instrument which can test heavy metal(Chromium, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead) in fruits,vegetabls,food,meat etc.

Plant Canopy Analyzer

Brand:Model:TOP-1000 Plant Canopy AnalyzerApplication:It can be widely used in agricultural production and agricultural research. For the investigation of canopy light energy resources, measuring the interception of light in plant canopies, and studying the relationship between crop growth and de...

Vacuum Cryogenic Concentrator

Brand:Model:ZLS-3Vacuum Cryogenic ConcentratorApplication:Chemical analysis, biological analysis, immunoscreening, food safety, residue analysis, etc.

Touch Screen Panel Semi Automatic Microtome

Brand:Model:YD-335A ( Touch Screen Panel) Semi Automatic MicrotomeApplication:Used for rapid sectioning of pathological biological tissues

Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Brand:Model:NK9860 Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen AnalyzerApplication:Widely used in food processing, feed production, tobacco, animal husbandry, soil and fertilizer, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, teaching, quality supervision and other fields to determi...


Brand:Model:NGET3XG THERMAL CYCLERApplication:NET3XG thermal cycler uses long service life peltier.

Thermal cycler PCR machine

Brand:Model:NT9612 Thermal cycler PCR machineApplication:The most advanced peltier-based semiconductor technology.

-25 degree 270L Medical chest Freezer

Brand:Model:YL-270 -10°C ~-25°C low temperature freezer DW-YL270 is a high quality low temperature freezer with stable performance. It is equipped with international famous refrigeration system, which is high-efficiency and environmental friendly. And the condenser is designed perfectly for tem...

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