lathe machinery

Gantry Type CNC Drilling And Milling Machine

Introduction: BOSM gantry mobile CNC high-speed drilling and milling machine series are mainly used for high-efficiency drilling and processing of large plates, wind power flanges, discs, ring parts and other workpieces.

CNC Profile Machining Center

Introduction: DC series CNC drilling and milling machines are mainly used for efficient drilling milling and tapping of workpieces with linear material width within the effective range.

CNC Vertical Machining Center

Introduction: OTURN machining center is made of the best high-quality Mihanna cast iron body and full rib support, which is ten times more shock-absorbing than ordinary steel wire. The castings with ribs on the inside of the fuselage have extre

CNC High Qulity Vertical Machining Center

Introduction: HALLERBS is a high-qulity CNC machining center with high-accuracy and high-rigidity, which is used to process workpiece that require high-precision machining such as automobile/aerospace/military industry.

CNC Single Column Vertical Turret Lathe

Introduction: This series machine is suitable for machining in industries of motor,turbine, aerospace, mining as well as metallurgy, etc.

CNC Double Column Vertical Turret Lathe

Introduction: It can make rough and accurate turning the internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface, plane,head face,grooving,severance,constant lin...