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The lotion pump into two types: left-right lock and screw down pumpThe size of the pump head is determined by the caliber of the matching bottle. The size of the pump head is 24/410 28/410, and the output is 1.6-2.0ml/t. It is generally used for personal care and other product packaging. The diameter is the same. The length of the tube Can be determined according to the height of the bottle.Product Description:Model:CY102-2Size:24/410 28/410Discharge Rate :1.6-2.0 ML/TMOQ:10,000 PCSColor: Custom madeTube Length: Custom madeMaterial:PP

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The locking necks on these PET lotion pumps enable your customers to transport purchased bottles home with them without making a mess. These gently curved wide-head 2cc lotion pumps can be used with glass, metal, or plastic containers to deliver thick liquid products like gel and cream with ease. Plus, the metal-free plastic interior means no more ugly rusting!

These lotion pumps dispense 2 cc of liquid through a metal-free fluid pathway with each stroke. Our lotion pumps are shipped to you locked; simply turn the head counter-clockwise to open for use. Featuring smooth collars, these white lotion pumps could be a sophisticated packaging solution for high viscosity products such as shampoo, conditioner ,soap, hand lotion and more.

Our lotion pumps for dispensing applications can be manufactured to work as a ‘lock-up’, ‘twist-lock’ or ‘lockdown’ device. These pumps are made up of pistons, pump chambers, pump heads and collars. They can be designed to deliver different outputs of liquid for a single application by the end-user. You can change the neck size, pump dose, tube length and colour match pumps to work with your product. Lotions pumps are mainly used for soaps, hand creams, antibacterial foams, body lotions or body wash and hair products.

For our company:

we are specialized in producing sprayer and pump for 17 years. Each product is auto assembled and non-spill detected by auto machines in dust-free workshop, and double tested in airless enviroment.

We implement ISO 9001 quality system strictly in order to provide a solid foundation and protection for the excellent quality.


Cleaning washing ,personal care,biomedicine,cosmetic packaging,chemical industry

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