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of Chinese Stone Machinery

Lighthouse lighting

10m Mast Light Tower Mobile Trailer KLT-10000V Surveillance

Surveillance Light Tower supplied by Fuzhou  for Public safety provide an independent light source for public events, emergency response and more. The high-efficiency lights top telescoping tower for travel and storage while rising to 30 feet when deployed. Choose four LED light fixtures, which c...

Emergency Mobile Tower Light with Self-Uploading and Unloading for Rescue KLT-LB6180E-K

Self-loading and unloading/Led and metal halideHigh effeciency and mobility powered by gasoline mobile lighting towers

Solar Light Emergency Mobile Lighting Tower with Trailer and Silent Running SLT-600

Trailer-Mounted/Silent light towersSilent led lighting solar light towers’s Solar Light Towers are ideal for Outdoor Night Operation or Work, especial for where electricity is out of reach, and/or in application where noise is an issue, silent power is the only option. ’s Wide Area Long Lasting L...

Portable Solar Mobile Tower Light with Trailer and LED Lamp SLT-400

Portable light tower/LED lights/Solar powerSLT-400 solar light tower: clean energy, Eco-friendly lightThe ultimate in ecology, in compact dimensions and easily transportable. The new SLT-400 lighting tower, powered by four solar panels, guarantees great brightness performance and battery life. An...