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Medical beauty equipment

Emsculpt Muscle Stimulation Aircooling System Neo Rf Machine 4 Handles Machine

The pulse energy focuses more precisely on the muscle group, high frequency increases muscle extension, and enhances the super-speed decomposition and metabolism of cells.

EOS ICE Professional Laser Hair Removal Salon Machine Best Hair Removal Machine

Eos Ice Prime uses 1600W high-power precision trio-wavelength(Alex755nm, Diode 808nm,Yag 1064nm) precision treatment technology. The energy directly acts on the hair follicle tissue of the dermis.

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Slimming Machine Cool Shaping Device 4 Handles

Utilizing the characteristics of triglycerides in human fat that are converted into crystals at a low temperature, non-invasive energy acts on the fat layer of the designated obese area, so that the fat in the obese area is converted into crystals and loses activity at low temperatures.