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-800 Automatic nucleic acid extractor

The information in this color page includes descriptions of both general technical specifications and system configurations, as well as descriptions of standard and selective configurations, and we do not warrant that selective configurations will be included in any product offering;

-16A Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Chuangkun Biotech’s -16A is a high-quality fully automatic nucleic acid extraction-system, small in size, and can be placed on a clean bench or in a mobile testing vehicle; it can be driven by an external battery for on-site testing;

Lower limb lengthening external fixator

Product NumberProduct NameTo configure97801160Ringsφ16097829100Pin clampφ2—3 mm97813200M6 bolt12 mm97813100Hex nut M6(Thickening)M6

AO III external fixator instrument boxes

  Product NameProduct NumberSpecificationQuantityPin to rod coupling93801000φ8/4-58Rod to rod coupling93805000φ8/84Pin to rod coupling93821000φ11/5-612Rod to rod coupling93825000φ11/114T clamp93824000φ11/52Bone screws90116015φ6*150(HB)2Carbon fibre rod95611350φ11*3502Drill bits90828200φ2....

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