Arrow M1p Bike e Chopper 2000w 28ah 30ah Price

Arrow m1p is updated from the classic model Super m1, we updated the rear suspensions from the one hidden under the seat to double ones which look like arrow, we also updated all the lights as LED.

M1ps Electric Scooter 4000w 40ah for Sale

This new model m1ps consists of the initials of all our previous best-selling models from 2018, Super-Arrow-Runner-Alligator,  so it ‘s SARA 2022.

Alligator M2 Electric Scooter e Roller 3000w 40ah

The design inspiration is from the alligator, scooters teams designed a high-speed electric chopper with 65kmph+ speed and IP54 waterproof, which can be driven in the rain, that's why we called it Alligator.