Needleless Syringe

TECHiJET QS-M (Hyaluronic Acid Needle-free Injector)

Multiple Shot InjectorAmpoule Capacity: 1 mlInjection Dosage Range: 0.04 – 0.5 mlAmpoule Orifice: 0.17 mmQS-M is a needle-free multiple shot injector and it is the first generation design by using a high technology equipment and good quality materials. QS-M development was completed in 2007 and p...

TECHiJET AMPOULE Accessories/ Consumables QS-M Ampoule

- Suitable for QS-M Needle-free Injector ,Temporary container and delivers medication.

TECHiJET Adapters Accessories/ Consumables Adapter A

- Suitable for QS-P, QS-K and QS-M Needle-free Injector