New Product Ideas 2022 Adjustable Massage Body Device Vibrating Foam Roller


This product is a professional vibrating foam roller for sports massage and muscle recovery. Combined with electric vibration technology, compared to traditional foam rollers, Vibration Therapy (VT) enhances endurance and strength, increases muscle flow and joint mobility, and reduces soreness.Available in different sizes, with a variety of massage power and vibration modes, and long battery life, it is especially suitable for professional athletes, fitness and yoga enthusiasts.Four-speed vibration adjustable, environmentally friendly EVA material, flexible massageThe appearance design is simple and elegant, with a strong sense of technology, strong pressure resistance, not easy to deform, and safe bearing 150KG.Powered by rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, with a battery life of up to 8 hours

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