Melamine Block Joint Plywood

Melamine block joint Plywood is a type of core that is made from used plywood,After join the plywood blocks, it will laminate extra layers of new veneer on both sides of the block. Hence the melamine paper on both is economic and practical for the decoration and furniture

WBP waterproof Marine plywood

When moisture resistance is a priority, look into marine plywood. This type uses the best adhesives and is manufactured to the highest standards.

hot sell high quality Melamine Plywood

Lijun Melamine Plywood is mainly made up of eucalyptus plywood,poplar plywood or eucalyptus and poplar plywood combi core,it is economic and practical for the decoration and furniture.

OSB (Oriend Strand Boards)

Product Name OSB (Oriend Strand Boards),Wafer board,sterling board, flake board Grade OSB/1,OSB/2,OSB/3 (OSB1, OSB2,OSB3 ) Size 1220mm*2440mm&1250*2500mm or as your request Thickness 6-25MM Glue MR/WBP/Melamine Material: Poplar,Har...