Self-Wound Aluminum Foil Tape

is a manufacturer and supplier of tape from China.Self-Wound aluminum foil tape thickness range from 30 microns to 75 microns, width 48mm,50 mm, 100mm,etc,length10m to 200m or any custom length.

Cold Weather Aluminum Foil Tape

Cold Weather Aluminum Foil Tape is dead soft pure aluminum foil coated with high-performance cold weather solvent-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and protected by single-sided PE coated silicone release paper.color: Silver /black /brown;size : customed ;Thickness :Can be choose

Industrial Double-Sided Tape

Double sided tissue tape is tissue paper double coated acrylic adhesive.Outstanding anti-shear power and bonding power ,and is rebound.suitable for wide variety of materials, including many plastics, leather and Metal material.

Cloth Duct Tape

Cloth Duct Tape, adopts fabric cloth with colorful polyethylene covering, be coated with synthetic rubber-resin adhesive. A variety of colors for selection .

Double-sided laminated foil insulation Facing

The laminated insulation facing is often used to limit vapor drive with the ultimate goal of preventing condensation. Insulation facing materials are used to minimize vapor drive between the ambient air outside the insulation and the surface of the duct, subsequently preventing condensation from ...

sing side laminated foil insulation Facing

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, it can be used as insulation and vapor barrier layer for numerous insulation materials, with good aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

PVC Electric Tape

The products are divided into high, medium and low grades .(It has been mainly determined by the film classifications.) It can satisfy various demands from broad customers. It can also have the goods custom-made according to the client’s special requirements.

bopp packaging shipping tape

6rolls/shrink .36rolls in a cartonHigh stickycheap pricefast delivery

BOPP Colored Packing Adhesive Tape

18 years FactoryHigh adhesion, strong stretchExport to more than 80 countriesCheap price, FAST DELIVERY