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JASMINE TEA for Africa China Jasmine tea

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Congou black tea 1#

The content of Congou black tea is very rich, and the varieties are divided into big leaf congou and small leaf congou. The tea strips are tender, tight and orange buds are covered

Green Tea chunmee 708

Big leaf shape tea, full grain, fat bud head, bright color, taste fresh. It is very popular in the five Stan countries of Central Asia.


mao feng is lightly rolled in shape, like bird’s tongue, with yellowish green and silver silver visible. In addition, the tea is filled with golden fish leaves, which are poured into the cup to make the tea top. The liquor color is clear and yellowish, and the leaves at the bottom are yellow and ...


Longjing tea has long been known for its green color, beautiful shape, fragrant and mellow taste. Its unique “light and far” and “fragrant and clear” unsurpassed spirit and extraordinary quality make it unique among many tea teas, ranking first among the top ten famous teas in China. Super grade ...


The quality characteristic is the tight and slim, the color is green and moist, the fragrance is high and lasting, smooth, the fragrance is fresh and mellow, the taste is rich, the soup color, the leaf bottom is yellow and bright.

Jin Jun Mei black tea

The picking of Jinjunmei tea requires the use of fresh tea buds and the most tender parts of the tea buds. Jin Junmei’s appearance is small and tight. The colors are gold, yellow and black. The golden yellow ones are the fluff and buds of the tea, the cords are tight and even. The soup is golden ...


green tea single bud can quench thirst and heat, detoxification and diuresis. Its taste is fragrant and delicious, its color is yellow and green, and its soup is translucent and translucent. It has the effect of generating fluid and quenching thirst, disinfecting heat and detoxifying phlegm. Clea...