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water purification products

leading technology generation Direct cooling UF System Water Dispenser With UV

Slim ,minimalist,stylish design5 stages direct purification technologies combinationUltimate, extraordinary,amazing drinking experienceCome up with 18.5cm width definitely fit any kind of kitchenErgonomic innovative touch user interface(UI)Equip with 3 volume and diversity water temperatures sele...

Standing&Desktop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Compressor Cooling Machine with Purifier

Description:Hot& coldCooling:CompressorType:PP+CTO+UF+POSTCooling  Capacity:5-10″C 2L/H 90W 3LHeating Capacity:85-95C 5L/H 430W 1.5L

wisdom series countertop mini electric home hot cold drinking water purifier dispenser

Heating and Cooling Technology: Tank Heating&CoolingVoltage (220-240V 、50Hz)/ (115V 、60Hz)Power Total 580W :Heating:500W Cooling:80WTank capacity: 2.5L(1.5L cold tank;1.0L hot tank)Purification System 1st AC- (Sediment + Pre-Carbon Fiber) 2nd:UF Membrane +ACF 3rd :LED UV SterilizerCooli...

Desktop Hot and Cold and Warm Drinking Water Cooler Machine Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser PT-1399

Elegant, stylish ,innovative design conceptPresent hot, cold or mix cup volume with one touch dispenseExtremely low height only 35cm own patent structure designA optimal combination of advantages, purification,engineering technologiesUVC-LED sterilization Eliminate 99.99% water-borne bacteria and...